Here are 7 quick Little Black Dress tips for damage limitation over the xmas period!!!
1. Think about your drink…Sweet drinks contain more sugars so go for dry wines or clear spirits and diet mixers. This will keep calories down and you’ll also feel less bloated while out.
2. Keep your food high in protein over the festive season. Protein helps to keep you full and lean protein foods are lower in calories.
3. Choose slow release/complex carbs to avoid a sugar rush. This will again keep you fuller for longer and help keep bad cravings away.
Carbs also increase serotonin which is our happy hormone!!!
4. If you are keeping carbs in, just go easy on the fats. Both carbs and fats are fuels for the body, so if you over eat on both, the body can only use one at a time as a fuel so the other will be stored. Think of it as a carb and fat see saw! One goes up, one goes down. This will help keep things in check without counting calories.
5. Lots of water!!!! Keep well hydrated, and even more so if you are drinking. This will also stave off any bad headaches the morning after!
6. Keep your training up!!! Some people think they only train when trying to get to a goal, but training for maintenance is just as important. We can be clever and use the calories wisely to grow more muscle in the areas you want to (e.g.: booty/shoulders etc) so they’re being used to build lean muscle and not just being stored. We can also add in some cardio to get rid of excess calories, just don’t go crazy. A mix of hiit followed by liss cardio is a good way to get rid of stored fat and also keep your metabolism revving!!!
7. Choose dresses/clothing to suit your body shape. If you’re curvy, choose a knee length dress to accentuate your curves with less frills which can sometimes add size. If you’re leaner and want to add some shape, choose dresses with an added peplum or skater dresses to add an illusion of curves. High heels can also lengthen your legs, so next time you’re looking for a dress, keep these things in mind.
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