Dumbbell bent over lateral raise

Dumbbell bench reverse flyes

Dumbbell bench chest press

Dumbbell bench chest flyes

Dumbbell Arnold shoulder press

Donkey kicks Decline crunches

Close grip pulldown

Chest press machine

Cable upright row

Cable straight bar pulls

Cable single arm tricep extension

Cable side raises

Cable side kicks

Cable Rope crunches

Cable Rear felt flyes

Cable kick backs

Cable front raises

Cable face rope pulls

Cable bicep curls


Bulgarian squats

Box step ups

Box squats

Box jump squats

Bodyweight Tricep dips

Barbell squat to shoulder press

Barbell military press

Barbell hip thrusts

Barbell good mornings

Barbell deadlift

Barbell curtesy lunges

Barbell bicep curl

Barbell bent over row

Barbell bent over row underhand grip

Banded pop squats

Band walks

Band abductor

Assisted tricep machine

Assisted close grip pull-up machine

Abductor machine

Abductor machine leaning forward

Wide lat pulldown

Walking lunges

Walking burpies

V sit Tricep rope press

Swiss hamstring ball curl in

Swiss ball Passover

Swiss ball ab roll out

Swiss ball Ab curl in

Star jumps

Squat thrust

Smith squats

Single leg, leg press

Single leg smith squat

Single leg reverse hack squat

Single leg kettlebell deadlift

Single arm dumbbell side lateral raise

Single arm dumbbell row

Side plank

Shoulder press machine

Seated cable row

Reverse lunges

Reverse hyperextensions

Reverse hack squat

Reverse grip pulldown

Renegade rows both views

Press ups

Press up variation on knees

Pop squats


Plank walk

Pilates sit up variation


Mountain climbers

Lying leg raises

Lying hamstring curl

Low pop squats

Leg press

Leg extension machine

Kneeling plank

Kettlebell upright row

Kettle bell plies squat

Kettle bell front squat

Jump squats

Jump lunges

Jump lunge to pop squat

High knees

Hamstring curl machind

Elevated single leg glute bridge

Elevated leg glute bridges

Dumbbell upright row

Dumbbell tricep extensions

Dumbbell tricep extension

Dumbbell thumbs up side raise

Dumbbell Thumbs up side raise to overhead

Dumbbell squat to hammer press

Dumbbell shoulder press

Dumbbell preacher curls

Dumbbell lateral raise

Dumbbell hammer press

Dumbbell hammer curl

Dumbbell hammer curl to hammer press

Dumbbell hammer curl to hammer press to squat

Dumbbell front raises

Dumbbell front raise to side raise

Dumbbell bicep curl

Dumbbell bent over rows