So I’m going to touch on diet and training today as I meet a lot of men and women at the start of their journey…some scared to weight lift as they don’t want to get ‘bulky’ and some wanting an overnight transformation of putting on muscle mass.  
I’m writing this to show that progress takes time!!! Whether you’re wanting to get as lean as possible for a competition or put on muscle mass…there are no short cuts, it takes time!!!
 Yes there are methods and tools we can use to speed things up if we’re behind in our schedule etc but most of the time extremities aren’t good. Too low calories and too much cardio for fat loss can result in muscle loss, fatigue, overtraining, injuries, low mood, tiredness…just to name a few, and too high calories and overtraining for muscle growth can result in too much body fat being put on as opposed to muscle, tiredness, bloating, feeling sluggish, injuries and not giving the muscles enough time to recover for growth.
In these photos I show the difference in diet with different forms of training. This shows how we can manipulate our bodies by changing things.
In photo 1, I was a professional dancer, afraid of weights and getting ‘bulky’, so I would train dance around 6 hours per day then do cardio every evening. I didn’t really lift weights but I did have a fairly good diet (high protein based).
Photo 2 I had started training for competitions so I was weight lifting, eating a high protein diet and also doing some cardio. I actually lost weight and body fat and my body firmed up, even though I was exercising less compared to 2008 when I was a dancer.
In the 3rd photo I was at my peak, competition physique, but here my calories were lower, I was still lifting heavy but also doing more cardio. What people don’t understand is what we do to look like this on stage is not maintainable throughout the year and its also not healthy to for your body or your mind. Yes we’d all love to look like this 365 days a year, but the truth is, is that life also happens!!! Im not saying don’t work hard or aim to look the best you can…I’m saying know that were only human and you’re allowed a day off, you’re allowed to have a nice meal out with your partner and you’re allowed to also have a life outside of the gym.
After being scared of weights myself in the past, I can honestly say it will be the best thing you change with your training if you don’t already weight train. You don’t have to train for hypertrophy (bigger muscles)…there are different methods and rep ranges to use for different goals so no need to be scared! Speak to your coach, tell them how you want to look and how you don’t want to look!!! They can then create a plan to help you towards your goals!!!
I make sure my training and nutritional plans fit in with my clients lives not the other way around as this is then more realistic for them to stick to it!!!
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