I like to think that pain our lives, is very similar to building muscle and training. You have to work really hard, put the muscles through stress and rip them. You will be tired and there will be days you will want to give up. But at the end of it all, muscles repair and they become stronger. So the next time you lift the same weight that caused them stress, will no longer do that, it’s going to take a lot more next time. And every time they go through this stress, the repair even stronger…. see where i’m going with this?
We cant go through life only having and only wanting the good parts, or pretending that the down  days won’t come. They will. But remember that you will always repair and you will be stronger the next time it happens. The universe doesn’t send you anything that you can’t handle. Sometimes in order to give you what you asked for, changes need to be made. 
Think of what your muscles need to repair. They need nutrients, protein, some stretching and most importantly they need rest to recover. The same can help when going through tough times in life. Being healthy and eating nutritious foods can help you feel much better, doing some stretches like yoga will help lower stress levels and help you mentally tackle those problems. And lastly, rest! Take some time out for yourself, do something your soul enjoys and recover. 
Something a friend told me has really stuck in my head. "100% of what you have been through, you have survived." Isn’t that amazing!? Al of those times you’ve been through hell, you have actually survived it. You are incredible. 
So, try not to run from the things that you don’t want to deal with, or think that you can’t handle it. You will attract that very thing that you’re trying to push away. It will feel wrong but you must do the complete opposite and accept it. Because guess what comes with pain? 
Written by Stephanie Jane  Rowden