Mythbusting #1: Will exercise fix my posture?
While we see very good results with pilates, yoga and even weight training on posture they are not long lasting. You see we don’t have the muscles attached in such a way that we can pull one vertebra back on another when it is stuck forward (think rounded shoulders and hump back). Yes, we get like that by sitting all day and we can’t fix it- we get worse…!!!
If you have 10-20 minutes everyday to do stretching and strengthening exercises it helps…challenging after a long gym session and for a stay at home mom or a busy executive.
A carefully planned gym program will help- one that does not miss out on any muscle groups is what we recommend at Spirohealth. We are proudly affiliated to Fittsisters and they have a selection of experts on hand for you. Unbalanced exercise can do harm to your posture- eg press ups- uses around 9 muscle groups but if you have a forward head posture, you will be weak and take strain in doing 1 -2 reps with the correct form. Squatting is another good one- if your lower back is very curved- this will place extra stress on that area and restrict range of motion. Hips and knees take on a lot more pressure than usual too…the last thing you want is a joint problem and pain whilst training for that comp, that transformation goal.
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