7 week fat loss planÂ
@lbutts91 testimonial and results below:
“Hi Kelly here is my final check in.
Loved the programme and seen massive changes although I don’t feel the photos do it justice as I’ve not had someone to take them for me today.Â
The bit I struggled on is I tended to go a bit over on the Saturdays and got a bit carried away with my cheat day!
Also I work night shifts so sometimes got really hungry during those and took on an extra 200-300 calories because of that
All round I have love the programme and it’s really given me a kick up the bum which I needed and I’ve fallen back in love with training againÂ
Thanks so muchÂ
Lauren xxx”
Lauren also lost:
⬇️just under 7 lbs.
⬇️dropped body fat %.
⬇️3 inches off waist.
⬇️5 inches off hips.
⬇️1 inch off legs.
What could you do in 7 weeks?!?
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