So…just thought I’d let you know I’m studying advanced eating disorders/binge eating/over eating and it’s amazing!!! Im learning so much that I truly believe will make a difference to you all as I in the past had an eating disorder and get lots of messages re this subject…so I wanted to help others with this 💗
Just bit of info for you…there are 2 types of people. Addictive and non addictive.
Non addictive- can eat treats and feel satisfied. Can have 1 biscuit and put the pack back and carry on with their day as normal.
Addictive-have 1 treat and need to eat them all. Food on mind a lot of the time. Sometimes feel obsessed about food. Have sudden urges and want to binge etc etc.
Iifym isn’t great for addictive people. They can’t just fit one in…one will turn to 10 and this cycle continues! It’s not always to do with will power. Your body is stronger than you and sugars etc are addictive foods which is why the food industry use it in their products=💲💲💲 2 of the main triggers are sugar and flour. You can try cutting down on the below foods and see how you feel:
Cereal/instant cereals/cereal bars
Etc etc
You can get sugar free versions and also this promotes eating wholesome/nutritious foods.
You may be able to deal with one treat per day or still have your once week cheat meal. This is where it’s good to track which foods trigger you to eat more/binge etc.
I coach my team using various methods, systems, methods etc as everyone is different and one way doesn’t work for everyone.
Hope this helped…more to come