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RESTRICTION AND BINGEINGNow a lot of you probably relate to this title, whether present or in the last. I'm talking about redirected diets that cut out food groups or don't allow any flexibility.Companies promote their [...]


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So I’m going to touch on diet and training today as I meet a lot of men and women at the start of their journey…some scared to weight lift as they don’t want to get [...]

volume foods!!!

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VOLUME FOOD 🍏🍅🌽🍒I get asked a lot about clean eating and iifym and which I think is here goes.I'm kind of in the middle of both...I don't cut out food groups and allow treats [...]

Yummy banoffee pie!!!

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ingredients: Can calculate on my fitness pal Split into 6 pieces (great high carb refeed day food). 322 Cals per slice 16g Protein 44g Carbs 11g fat 1 60 g low fat philadelphia spread10 reduced [...]